‘Aberdeen and I’

 Bag collection funded by Aberdeen City Council £2000 Creative Funding in 2019. Bags inspired by Aberdeen city fishing industry. All bags are hand made and was exhibited at Aberdeen Arts Centre.

Bags: Dovile Gusevaite
Photographer: Leigh Reke
Model: Graeme McLay

Graduate Collection 2018 
‘Identity and Place’

‘Today there is a district such as Aukstieji Sanciai (higher Sanciai) in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. Aukstieji Sanciai is a very central district that is situated alone on the hill between forests and parks alongside the river Nemunas. Economic situation, USSR occupation for nearly fifty years in the past, Lithuania’s government and EU financing – all together shapes the daily life of local community of forgotten district. 

AberdeenFS_BTS 136

This place is unique, because there is a feel of natural evolution and cultural growth as European in forgotten ex-USSR district. 

AberdeenFS_BTS 134

This project shows sarcastic and positively illustrative point of view of forgotten people.

AberdeenFS_BTS 137

Models: Oliwia Majewska, Natalie Adams, Thea Clancy
Make up: Glam Candy
Hair: Linton & Mac
Photo: Jodie Mann Photography

Video: Leigh Reke

Project about body standards and Vintage Freak Show

Mainly I have focused on social issues included body standards, rejection, stereotypes. I was comparing current social issues with Vintage Freak Show members.
With this project I analysed differences and similarities between past and present. I found that some social problems are still the same like from the past and it is barely changing.


I found that fashion it’s a good way to tell the story about body standards.  This project was personal for me, because my interests are human psychology.



Photo: Karolina Bachanek
Model/photo edit/garments: Dovile Gusevaite

‘Living as a Plant’

Mixed media, hand embroidered masks inspired by wild nature.





Photographer & edit: Anne Tod
Textiles & model: Dovile Gusevaite


‘Politics to Polka Dot’ university project



Model: Annemette Katarina
Photographer: Fiona Stephen



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